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Tidal vs Spotify; A Comprehensive Breakdown.

Tidal Vs Spotify 5 Reasons Why One Is Better Than The Other. More

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Tidal Vs Apple Music: Which one is the best?

Tidal vs apple music More

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Spotify vs Tidal: 2-Minute Breakdown

A quick breakdown of what we know when it comes to Spotify vs Tidal The Overview; Spotify vs Tidal There is a lot going on at Spotify right now. They are in hot water about Joe Rogan and his apparent misinformation, Neil Young pulled his music off the platform and the CEO apparently invested a […] More

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90’s Hip-Hop is Officially Dad-Rock.

It’s official, if you were born before 1990 and cherish the sounds of 2Pac, Dre, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, or NWA, you’re either a dad, or all your friends are. Dad-rock is a genre of music typically enjoyed by dads while consuming beers in a comfortable chair, mowing the lawn, working on a car, building a […] More

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QUIZ: Can You Match These Songs To Their Artists?

Quizzes More

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