Cheap Car Insurance: 4 Sites Compared (June 2024)

Cheap car insurance USNews Nerdwallet MarketWatch
Geico 1.3 / 5 4.1 / 5 5.0 / 5 9.1 / 10
State Farm 1.7 / 5 4.0 / 5 5.0 / 5 9.4 / 10
Farmers 1.4 / 5 3.7 / 5 4.5 / 5 8.4 / 10
All State 1.3 / 5 3.8 / 5 4.5 / 5 8.8 / 10
USAA 1.3 / 5 4.9 / 5 5.0 / 5 9.2 / 10
Nationwide 1.5 / 5 4.1 / 5 4.5 / 5 9.1 / 10
Progressive 1.2 / 5 3.4 / 5 4.5 / 5 9.0 / 10

Cheap Car Insurance: A Personal Guide to Finding the Best Rates

As someone who’s always on the lookout for a great deal, especially when it comes to necessary expenses like car insurance, I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching and comparing what’s out there. In my journey, I’ve come across several insightful articles that have shed light on the cheapest car insurance options available. Here’s a synthesis of the key points from notable sources like NerdWallet, Forbes, MarketWatch, and U.S. News, structured to help you navigate your way to the best deal possible.

Why Compare Car Insurance?

Understanding the importance of comparing insurance rates can save you a lot of money. Different insurers have different criteria for determining premiums, which means shopping around is essential. As highlighted across the sources, factors influencing car insurance prices include your driving history, the type of car you drive, and even your geographic location.

Top Companies Offering Budget-Friendly Rates

National Providers

When it comes to national providers, State Farm often emerges as the top choice for its competitive rates. Forbes and NerdWallet both note that State Farm not only offers affordability but also a robust customer service experience, which makes it a double win for consumers. Geico and USAA also frequently top the list for the cheapest national coverage, though it’s important to mention that USAA is exclusive to military families.

Regional Insurance Champions

Don’t overlook regional insurers like Erie, Mercury, and Auto-Owners, which can sometimes offer even lower rates than their national counterparts in specific states. According to MarketWatch and U.S. News, these companies provide excellent value, particularly in regions where they specialize.

Choosing the Right Insurance

Balancing Cost and Coverage

It’s crucial to find a balance between affordable rates and adequate coverage. A cheap policy might save you money upfront but could cost you more in the long run if it doesn’t cover what you need. The articles from NerdWallet and Forbes suggest evaluating each policy’s specifics to ensure it meets your requirements.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Good customer service can make a huge difference, especially when filing a claim. State Farm and Erie are often praised for their customer service and claims satisfaction, which might justify paying a slight premium over the cheapest option available.

Tips for Lowering Your Insurance Costs

Leverage Discounts

Each insurer offers a variety of discounts, so it’s worth asking about safe driver discounts, multi-policy bundles, or student discounts. Forbes mentions that many companies provide significant savings through these programs.

Adjust Your Deductibles

Choosing higher deductibles can lower your monthly premiums. However, ensure you have enough saved to cover the deductible in case of an accident. This is a common tip across all sources, highlighting a universal strategy for cost savings.


Choosing the right car insurance involves more than just picking the cheapest option. It’s about finding the best value for your specific needs and ensuring you’re covered adequately. By comparing rates from both national and regional insurers and taking advantage of discounts and deductible strategies, you can significantly reduce your car insurance expenses.

Finding the cheapest car insurance doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little research and some savvy shopping, you can find a policy that protects your car and your wallet. Happy hunting!

How We Ranked and Researched

To compile the information for this article we used a team of researchers to assess results based on Forbes, NerdWallet, Marketwatch, Trustpilot, and US News and ranked based on the highest ratings and popular local establishments. We also used search engine results to pull and consolidate multiple reviews to ensure we provide an unbiased opinion based on multiple sources