Spotify Alternatives: Top and Latest


Finding an alternative to Spotify to be tough, sometimes it seems like they have complete domination on the music streaming market; however, there is hope and some are doing a better job.

#1 Pandora Music

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Pandora music streaming is great because it’s an American company whose headquarters are in California, and it’s owned by SiriusXM. They know their music.

They are also the only company that uses the Music Genome Project which is a piece of AI technology, mixed with human intelligence that maps 100’s of data and DNA points on each track and finds similar tracks; thus, why Pandora Radio and SiriusXM are so successful at curating a perfect blend of music.

#2 YouTube Music

We like YouTube Music because it’s convenient. We all listen to way more music on YouTube than we probably even realize, so having a premium version of this music service to go with content we already digest all in one place is super helpful.

It also is a bonus because it lets you watch all Youtube videos without commercials. It’s bundled with commercial-free Youtube Premium.

#3 Tidal

Tidal is a great option for listeners who are serious about musicians, artists, and performers. Tidal has found a way to pay artists the most out of all streaming platforms. It also delivers the highest quality audio of all the major streaming platforms.

Curious how different Tidal is? We made a comprehensive breakdown of Tidal vs Spotify here.

Here’s a quick overview of other music streaming services you might want to try: