Brief Guide To Spotify Competitors; The Top 4 Breakdown

Spotify Competitors:

Spotify is by far the most dominant music streaming service in the world. As of Q1 2021, they doubled the market share of the closest competitor and almost tripled the next closest competitor. 

A lot can be said about why they are the best. They were one of the first to specialize and launch their streaming app to the masses, and they pioneered a lot of the prediction algorithms and attention to playlist details. It’s safe to say that a lot of their competitors have copied what they have done. 

Things get interesting when companies like Amazon, Apple, and Youtube start entering the market because they can bundle a music streaming service into their own universe. For example, Amazon gives you Music with your prime account and Youtube gives you access to Youtube Premium which is ad-free. 

In this article, we take a close look at 4 major Spotify competitors. 

Spotify market share
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TIDAL. One Of The Fastest Growing Spotify Competitors

Tidal is best known for being started by Jay-Z. It’s quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing music streaming services since its adoption of premium video and exclusive content. They are giving Spotify a run for its money. Tidal vs Spotify searches increased by almost 100% in January 2022. You can read more about our Tidal vs Spotify comparison here.

How is it Different From Spotify? 

Tidal appears to place an emphasis on original content like full-length movies, exclusive music, and exclusive podcasts. They are also one of the only music streaming services on the planet that can stream in Hi-Fi audio. 


Apple Music

Apple is a well-known brand, famous for its gadgets and software services. It is also available with a music streaming platform containing a great list of songs. It is a tough Spotify competitor with some expert features.


Spotify still has a more extensive collection than Apple Music. One thing that makes Apple Music better is its lossless audio.


Apple Music has an offering for new users to enjoy the FREE trial of the application. Premium subscription for the music streaming application goes like this:

  • For individuals: $9.99/month
  • For families: $14.99/month (up to 5 users)
  • Students discount: $4.99/month


  • Download your favorite tracks.
  • Customize library view.
  • Create radio stations.


Youtube Music

Youtube Music has a great selection of streaming music and videos. It is another example of one of the famous Spotify Alternatives. Here is how they are different than Spotify.


One thing that distinguishes the two platforms in terms of Content is that Youtube Music is more concerned with music and music videos. At the same time, Spotify has a collection of songs, podcasts, and videos of famous artists globally. 


The essential part is the price and plan for the premium services with FREE trial are:

  • For Individuals: $99/month (Post Trial).
  • For families: $14.99/month (Post Trial) (up to 5 users)


  • Enjoy millions of music and videos.
  • Downloads for offline listening.
  • Turn on audio-only when you do not want to watch a video.


Amazon Music

Amazon Music and Prime Music are two platforms that Amazon offers for music streaming. Amazon Music has over 50 million songs, while Prime is limited to around 2 million. When looking for Competitors of Spotify, Amazon Music is also on the list. 


Amazon Music has a library, and its FREE access is limited to the highest performing playlists and its stations. But Spotify offers on-demand playback on any station like the desktop app or web player.


  • For a single Amazon Echo or Fire TV: $3.99/month.
  • For students: $4.99/month.
  • For family: $14.99/ month. (up to 5 users)


The premium options:

  • Unlimited songs and albums.
  • Ad-free access.
  • Curated playlist/ stations.