Cheap Car Insurance Flowing Wells Arizona: Quotes + Breakdown for Flowing Wells Drivers 2024

Best Car Insurance Brokers and Agencies in Flowing Wells

We compared Yelp, Google, and Facebook to find cheap car insurance in Flowing Wells. According to their reviews, we think they’ll be able to find the best price and offer the best service

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Exploring Cheap Car Insurance in Flowing Wells

When it comes to car insurance in Arizona, finding the best rates can be a challenge. I've done the legwork for you by comparing three comprehensive articles from NerdWallet, MoneyGeek, and MarketWatch. Each source has its unique take on the cheapest car insurance options in Arizona, and I'm here to break down their findings and share some personal tips for getting the best deal.

Top Providers of Cheap Car Insurance in Flowing Wells

MoneyGeek recommends Geico for its affordability, listing an average annual premium of $920. Auto-Owners Insurance is another top contender with an average rate of $1,064 per year. MoneyGeek places emphasis on the balance between cost and coverage quality.

NerdWallet also highlights QBE as the top pick for affordable car insurance in Arizona, with an average annual rate of $1,851 for full coverage. They also mention Root Insurance, which offers competitive rates at around $2,028 annually. NerdWallet's criteria focus on cost, customer satisfaction, and financial stability.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance

Several factors influence car insurance rates in Arizona. These include your driving record, age, credit score, and even where you live. NerdWallet, MoneyGeek, and MarketWatch all agree that Arizona's hot weather and traffic conditions also play significant roles. For instance, urban areas like Phoenix and Tucson tend to have higher rates due to traffic congestion and higher accident rates.

Based on the insights from these articles and my personal experience, here are some tips for securing the best rates:

  • Compare Multiple Quotes: Always get quotes from several providers. NerdWallet, MoneyGeek, and MarketWatch emphasize the importance of comparison shopping.
  • Maintain a Good Driving Record: Clean records lead to lower premiums. All three sources highlight this as a critical factor.
  • Bundle Policies: If you have multiple types of insurance, bundling them with one provider can save you money.
  • Take Advantage of Discounts: Look for discounts like safe driver, multi-car, and good student discounts.

Cheap Car Insurance Flowing Wells: A Guide To Lowering Your Costs

Discounts and Savings Opportunities

There are numerous ways to save on car insurance in Arizona. NerdWallet and MoneyGeek suggest looking for discounts for safe driving, being a good student, or installing anti-theft devices. MarketWatch adds that many providers offer loyalty discounts for long-term customers. Here are some specific discounts mentioned:

  • Geico: Safe driver, multi-policy, good student
  • State Farm: Accident-free, multiple vehicles, good driving
  • Progressive: Snapshot program, multi-policy, continuous insurance


Finding the cheapest car insurance in Arizona involves a bit of research, but it's worth the effort. Auto-owners and Geico consistently come out on top for full coverage, with QBE and Root Insurance also offering competitive rates. Remember to compare quotes, maintain a good driving record, and take advantage of discounts to get the best deal. Safe driving!

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How We Rank and Researched

To compile the information for this article we used a team of researchers to assess results based on Yelp, Google, and Facebook and ranked based on the highest ratings and popular local establishments. We also used search engine results to pull and consolidate multiple reviews to ensure we provide an unbiased opinion based on multiple sources