The Mysterious Sound In ‘Jump Around’

‘House of Pain’ is everyone’s favorite Irish rap group. House of Pain is also the only Irish rap group people know. Nonetheless, if someone asked us what ‘hype’ sounded like, it would be that sound in Jump Around. Is it a screech? Or a squeal?

The group did not create the noise from scratch (and no, it’s not the backward scratch of a record). The group sampled it. Jump around was released in 1992 so it most likely started in production in the 90s; therefore, we know primitive sampling techniques were being used, so it can’t be too far off the rumored samples.

According to sources, the Jump Around sample is the horn sound from the beginning of “Jr. Walker And The All-Stars – Shoot Your Shot”. (If you cut it and pitch it down -1 it works) That being said, they would have had to have access to the “seeds” or original tracks to access the sample, which to me, sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Others like the Roots ?uestlove, insist that it’s the scream in Princes’ “Get Off” and others who agree say that the group most likely didn’t want to pay hefty royalties to Prince for the recording so this is why it’s never been confirmed.

The Prince sample needs some tweaking in the form of stretching it and putting some sort of side-chain compression or wavy effect. This version might also be more probably because you can pull the sample from the begging of the track where there is no background noise. Unlike the Jr Walker sample.

While the sounds are similar, we have reason to believe it’s the Walker Brothers sample and not the Prince sample. The reason is, on the tail end of the Walker Brothers sample, the pitch swings up and it does not on the Prince Sample.

When we lowered the pitch ourselves in a stock plugin -1 note down, we got the closest to the sample using the Jr. Walker and the All Stars Sample, but you could use the Prince Sample if you wanted to try and get away with it.