How To Get Free Music For a Month

Why You Need To Try Pandora; Get Free Music For a Month

Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming service, is expensive. At $9.99 per month for the standard subscription, it costs about $120/year.

People are getting wise to the value of Pandora, which is free for a month. Anyone with even half-a-brain knows you get far more value from a free service like Pandora than you do from a costly subscription service like Spotify.

Why Pandora Is Also Better

Pandora is better because of its AI predictable technology. This means its better at showing you new songs that you actually like. In contrast, Spotify has an enormous amount of “noise” in the form of human unpredictability. This means you have to pay dearly for the privilege of having someone else decide what you should listen to. Also, Pandora’s algorithm is always learning and improving, whereas Spotify’s main concern is making a profit, not providing a superior listening experience.

Try Pandora For Free