Live Music Is On Its Way Back


There are very some strong indicators showing live music coming back. Some could argue in a big way. New Zealand just packed 50,000 people into a stadium this week for a music festival and this coming May 11th, the UK’s Brit Awards will host 4000 fans with no social distance protocols.

So, how long will it take for North America? When will concerts come back?


Let’s break it down:

New Zealand declared they were covid free a year ago and now they are hosting large concerts.

North America is far from covid free; however, our vaccination rates are rapidly increasing and we are trending in the right direction.

If the majority of the population is vaccinated within a year, does this mean we’re headed for large-scale concerts in 2 years?

Will 2023 guarantee a return to normalcy?

This is all dependant on the rate at which we roll out vaccines and various other factors but consumer confidence is strong. Live Nation stock has doubled in the past year which means people are excited.

When will live music return? It’s likely too difficult to answer right now; however, we’d guess that by summer 2023 it could potentially be in full swing without capacity and social distance protocols.

If there was any concern that the concert industry might be different or less attractive after this, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to change people’s opinions in the long run. The trends, to us, look like people are excited and gearing up for the new roaring ’20s.

Here are a few more trends found today:

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