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WH-CH510 sony wireless headphone
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Portable headphones like the Sony WH-CH510 are built to last, have high-quality sound, and are convenient to take with you on the go. Aside from making phone calls, they also allow you to take control of your phone by speaking into it. This Sony wireless headphone feature comfortable ear cushions that offer good sound quality and a compact design that makes them easy to carry.


Headphone Type: Closed, dynamic, On-ear supra-aural

Driver unit: 30 mm 

Frequency range: 2.4GHz band (2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz)

Frequency Response Bluetooth: 20–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling)

USB cable: USB Type-C (Approx. 20 cm)


Excellent quality for the money, Sony’s WH-CH510 headphones have a 35-hour battery life, a hands-free phone call feature, and Bluetooth connectivity, making them perfect. Using buttons to play, stop, skip through tracks, and adjust volume, you can choose any color that makes you feel good. Some people will be fine with the slightly flimsy build, but some may find it a game-changer.

Price: $79.99 at Sony$38.00 on Amazon

Sony Wireless Headphone review
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Sound Quality

With these Sony wireless headphones, you’ll get decent audio quality when using music streaming services. Considering the price, you’re getting high-quality audio that will last for a long time. In other words, because these headphones are in the on-ear format, you won’t have the sound quality that other competitors can provide. It is primarily due to the smaller cups not establishing an enormous seal and providing a narrower space.

As a side note, regardless of their low price and small size, Sony WH-CH510 still sounded impressively good. The bass is present and audible, but it doesn’t overpower the track. Overall, the sound was pleasant, but the high frequencies were too prominent, and the mids were too repressed.

These on-ears may not have the WH-1000XM3 superb clarity, balance, and sense of space, but their sound quality compensates for their diminutive size and affordable price tag. Tracks with many treble and low mids may get a little overblown; however, the headphones still perform well in every genre that you want to listen to.


The built-in microphone is of excellent quality, and testing both indoors and outside revealed no degradation in sound clarity. At 30 feet from the connected device, the Bluetooth connection held steady. The incorporation of Bluetooth version 5.0, the most recent edition of wireless technology, can be credited with enhancing the performance and range.

It is also possible to utilize your headphones to make VOIP calls at the office if you have a Bluetooth connectivity PC. The absence of noise cancellation is advantageous in this situation because you may leave your headphones on while still being able to notice people at work attempting to attract your attention.

sony WH-CH510 wireless headphone
Image credit: Sony

Comfort and Style

The distinction between WH-CH510 and other headphones is that it does not sit on top of your ears like over-ear models do but rest on their sides. Despite this, they are significantly smaller and less comfy. 

Sony’s on-ear headphones are no exception, as on-ear headphones have traditionally struggled to provide adequate comfort. The padding is shallow, which doesn’t do much to alleviate the pressure on your ears.

Due to the tight fit, it’s uncomfortable to listen for lengthy periods, and it begins to hurt after—moreover, no memory foam is used in the ear pads made of conventional, not ultra-thin, foam. In more expensive headphones, they employ synthetic leather, which isn’t as supple as leather pads.

Stability is improved by increasing the amount of clamping force applied. In addition to jumping and running, the WH-CH510 can withstand sprinting, head shaking, and other extreme activities.

Battery Life

Sony’s WH-CH510 headphones have genuinely remarkable battery life. If you’re looking for headphones that can play music for 35 hours straight, this is the one. When plugged in for 10 minutes, you’ll get 90 minutes of additional playback from the headphones. It also has a battery that can handle even the longest flights.

Final Verdict: WH-CH510 Sony Wireless Headphone

Looking for decent Sony headphones at a very affordable price? The WH-CH510 is a great option for you! Although you get what you pay for, it still has decent sound quality, battery and features that you might need.

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