Is Masterclass Worth It? Ask Yourself 3 Questions.

Access Masterclass for $15 per month

Is Masterclass worth it?” – this shouldn’t be the question.

The question should be: Is Masterclass worth it for me:

Can you afford it?

Most likely yes. If you have subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix, HBO, Apple, or you eat out, you could probably cut back on something this year. You can get access to Masterclass for $15/month. That’s less than a few of the big streaming companies or lunch at a restaurant. Also, if you planned on taking a class this year it’s WAY cheaper. Read on….

Do you have time?

You only need one hour per month Most lessons in things like cooking, guitar, boxing, dancing, design start at around $20-$40 per hour. You can get access to Masterclass for $15 per month all-in. You only need to use it for an hour per month and you’re break-even. Do you have an hour per month? Access Masterclass for $15 per month

Does it have the content you want?

For the right type of lessons, yes. Let’s assume you want to see one Masterclass but maybe you’re not crazy about anything else. Should you only subscribe to Masterclass for one episode? Within every discipline, there are many factors to getting good at. Taking multiple classes in that particular field is a good idea. Getting a diverse outlook will broaden your horizon. If you plan to take Masterclasses for the following reasons, it is definitely worth it: Music – There are over 20 music-related episodes on Masterclass and they are adding new ones constantly. It’s also great that they diversify, which can help you see the big picture. Access Masterclass for $15 per month Food – There are 19 different lessons on food and cooking with world-renowned chefs. That could easily keep you going all year! Business – There are 20 great Masterclasses on Business which is huge. It would be tough to get these all done in a year. There is so much information from some serious heavy-hitters. Sports – This is a growing and quickly improving genre for Masterclass. They have some big names that have achieved big results. They have over 15 classes related to Sports. Wellness – Even if you watch everything you wanted to, you can still benefit from a few wellness Masterclasses. There are some great ones on here.